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Bread Financial CDs

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Last updated on 2024-03-18

Bread Financial CDs Review

Pros Pros

Low min. deposit balance

Only online banking

Interest can be withdrawn monthly

High yields

Cons Cons

No physical banks

Deposit Details Bread Financial CDs APY

  $1,500 & Above
12 months 5.25% APY
24 months 4.65% APY
36 months 4.25% APY
48 months 4.15% APY
60 months 4.15% APY


Receive 4.15% APY for 60 months CD

Receive 4.15% APY for 48 months CD

Receive 4.25% APY for 36 months CD

Receive 4.65% APY for 24 months CD

Receive 5.25% APY for 12 months CD

US$1,500 minimum opening balance and maximum deposit balance limit of US$10 million

Interest is accrued and compounded daily, and credited and posted monthly

No hidden fees

Free monthly maintenance

Interest is automatically added back to your account monthly because the annual percentage yield (APY) assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity. However, you can contact Bread Financial to have interest paid out monthly via automated clearing house (ACH) electronic transfer to a verified or Bread Financial savings account. Requests must be made three days before the interest payment date for the change to apply to the next interest payment

Auto-renew at maturity or cash out without penalty within a 10-day grace period

Early withdrawal penalty (for principal) of 180 / 365 days simple interest for 12 or 24 or 36 months CDs / 48 or 60 months CDs applies


Click here to go to Comenity Direct website for more details


About Bank About Bread Financial

Bread Financial is the online banking division of Comenity Bank and Comenity Capital Bank. Bread Financial combines the convenience of online savings with the security of an established bank. There are no brick-and-mortar locations for Bread Financial. Online banking is available via app or website for all customers.

Bread Financial Customer Care can be reached via phone on 1-833-755-4354 Weekdays from 7am to 11pm CT and Weekends and most holidays from 9am to 5pm CT

Comenity Capital Bank and its divisions (including Bread Financial) is a member of FDIC which covers the deposits of a depositor to up to US$250,000


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Bread Financial CDs Review

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