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Union Bank of Michigan CDs

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Last updated on 2024-05-25

Union Bank of Michigan CDs Review

Pros Pros

Low min. deposit

Convenient online or physical at branch banking

Cons Cons

Branches only located in Michigan

Physical presence required at branch to sign documents to open account

Deposit Details Union Bank of Michigan CDs APY

  $500 & Above
12 months 3.80% APY
15 months 4.06% APY
18 months 1.91% APY
24 months 1.56% APY
30 months 1.56% APY
36 months 1.81% APY
45 months 1.91% APY
48 months 2.37% APY
60 months 2.62% APY


Receive up to 5.06% APY for Union Bank of Michigan CD account

Receive 3.51% / 5.06% / 4.83% APY for 9 months / 182 days / 91 days CD account

Minimum opening deposit of US$500

Your certificate will renew for the same term, at the interest rate in effect at the time of maturity, if you do not redeem it

There is a 10–day grace period after the maturity date in which withdrawals or deposits can be made

Withdrawals made after the 10th day will be assessed a penalty


Deposit Details Union Bank of Michigan Promotions

Open a new 12 months Certificate of Deposit and enjoy 5.25% APY on with a minimum deposit of US$500 for new money special promotion


Click here to go to Union Bank of Michigan website for more details


About Bank About Union Bank of Michigan

Union Bank of Michigan is a community bank with physical branches throughout Michigan. Online banking is available via app or website for all customers

Union Bank of Michigan can be contacted via contact form via their website, email, in person at any of their branches or phone support at +1 616-374-3278

Union Bank of Michigan is a member of FDIC which covers the aggregated deposits of a depositor to up to US$250,000

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Union Bank of Michigan CDs Review

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