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Citibank M1 Card

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Bills RebateUp to 10%
Min SpendFrom $0
Signup CreditUp to $300

Last updated on 2023-08-30

Citibank M1 Card Review


High Citi M1 Rebate for M1 bills

Attractive signup for cashback offer


Only useful for M1 subscribers

Min. spend of $600 to qualify for 10% Citi M1 Rebate

Min. spend to qualify for cashback

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Credit Card Details Citi M1 Card Annual Fees

Eligibility : Existing M1 subscribers with min. income of $30,000 p.a.

Annual Card Fee : $180 plus GST (Waived for first year)

Supplementary Cards : $90 plus GST (Waived for first year for supplementary cards)


Telco Bills Benefits Citi M1 Card Recurring Bills Benefits

Earn 0.5% / 3% / 10% Citi M1 Rebate on your recurring M1 bills with minimum $0 / $300 / $600 charged to your card a month. Citi M1 Rebate capped on the 1st $300 worth of M1 recurring charges

10% off device accessories at M1 Shops

Up to 1% Citi M1 Rebate on spend in M1 stores

Complimentary replacement for lost and damaged SIM cards


Cashback and Conditions Citi M1 Card Cash Rebates and Conditions

Earn up to 0.3% Citi M1 Rebate on all retail purchases


Petrol Stations Benefits Citi M1 Card Petrol Stations Benefits

Enjoy up to 16.1% savings (14% onsite + 0.3% Citi M1 Rebate + up to 1.8% Smiles points) at Esso

Enjoy 15.5% savings on Shell fuel with the cashback (14% onsite + 0.3% Citi M1 Rebate + 1.2% GO+ points) at Shell


Promotions Citi M1 Card Promotions

New / Existing Citibank cardholders receive up to $300 Cashback when they charge M1 recurring bills and a minimum of $800 to Citi M1 Card within two months after card approval month (Until 31 Oct 2023)


Click here to go to Citibank website for more details

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Citibank M1 Card Review

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