Citibank M1 Card

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Bills Rebate Up to 10%
Signup Gift 96GB Mobile Data
Review on Citibank M1 Card

High Citi M1 Rebate for M1 bills

Attractive signup for free data offer


Only useful for M1 subscribers

Min. spend of $600 to qualify for 10% Citi M1 Rebate

Credit Card Details Credit Card Details

Eligibility : Existing M1 subscribers with min. income of $30,000 p.a.

Annual Card Fee : $192.60 (Waived for first year)

Supplementary Cards : $96.30 (Waived for first year for supplementary cards)


Telco Bills Benefits Bills Benefits

Earn 0.5% / 3% / 10% Citi M1 Rebate on your recurring M1 bills with minimum $0 / $300 / $600 charged to your card a month. Citi M1 Rebate capped on the 1st $300 worth of M1 recurring charges

1% off on spend in M1 stores

10% off device accessories at M1 Shops

Complimentary replacement for lost and damaged SIM cards


Cashback and Conditions Rebates and Conditions

Earn up to 0.3% Citi M1 Rebate on all retail purchases


Petrol Stations Benefits Petrol Stations Benefits

Enjoy up to 16.7% savings (14% onsite + 0.3% Citi M1 Rebate + up to 2.4% Smiles points) at Esso

Enjoy 15.9% savings on Shell fuel with the cashback (14% onsite + 0.3% Citi M1 Rebate + 1.6% Escape points) at Shell


Promotions Promotions

New / Existing Citibank cardholders receive up to 96GB / 24GB free additional data for 12 months / 3 months (Until 29 Feb 2020)


Click here to go to Citibank website for more details

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