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Free Property Listing in Singapore
List property for free in Singapore
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List your property for free on, Singapore's largest free financial products and property listings comparison website. Property listings are listed in order of buyers preference such as lowest price, lowest per square feet, largest floor area, etc. and NOT by the date the property is listed therefore helping potential buyers buy directly at the lowest prices. Agents and owners can also save on listing costs and get the best prices for their properties.

SIBOR vs SORA vs FHR vs Fixed Rates
SIBOR vs Fixed Deposit Linked Rates for Singapore Property Loans
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SIBOR, Fixed Deposit Linked Rates and Board Rates are some of the most common reference rates that Singapore banks peg their floating rate loans to. Other reference rates include SORA, SOR and Combo Rates. The reference rates are updated daily and may be the average of 1 month rates, 3 month rates, 6 month rates or even 12 month rates. Choosing a loan with the right reference rate can help a borrower save on loan repayments every month...

Singapore Savings Bonds vs Singapore Fixed Deposits
Singapore Savings Bonds vs Singapore Fixed Deposits
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The latest issue of Singapore Savings Bonds (SSBs) have average yields of 0.26% per annum for a 1 year holding period and 0.90% per annum for a 10 years holding period. The minimum investment is $500 with a maximum holding of $100,000 at any point of time. The holding period for SSBs can be up to 10 years with investors being able to redeem their bonds at any point in time without any penalty...

Singapore Savings Bonds
Singapore Savings Bonds
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Singapore Savings Bonds (SSBs) are a type of specially-issued Singapore Government Securities (SGSs) that is meant for Singaporeans who want to increase their savings but at a risk-free way. This offer is exclusively available only for individual Singapore retail investors and aims to complement the other options available to grow their eggnest...

Singapore Sibor Rate
Singapore SIBOR Rates 3 Month 1 Month History Chart
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SIBOR is the acronym for Singapore InterBank Offer Rate. In layman terms, it simply represents the interest rate that Singapore banks charge to lend to each other. SIBOR is regularly used as a reference rate where loans are pegged to. SIBOR is set daily (working days) by the Association of Banks in Singapore and is publicly available on Association of Banks in Singapore...

Ways on How to Save Money
Ways on How to Save Money
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Are you sick of living from hands to mouth every month? Don't worry; you are not the only one facing this problem. Many individuals have problems managing their personal finance as they could never quite figure out where did their pay checks go to. To make things worse, personal finance is never taught in school and most people just adopt their financial habits from their parents, peers or whoever that has a large influence on his/her life...