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See a step-by-step Smart Search for Credit Cards Video or Smart Search for Deposits Video for exact instructions on how to use our Smart Search.

Smart Search for the Most Suitable Financial Product

Swamped by the large number of financial products available? Use our Lobangs Smart Search on the top to narrow down your choices down to 3 according to the criterias you have chosen. Choices offered are non-biased and are chosen with the user in mind. Users who are not satisfied with the choices offered or who want to see a larger number of products can proceed to see all other related financial products that are offered on our website.

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Smart Search for the Best Credit Cards

The best credit card for each user depends on his or her spending pattern and preferred rewards. With that in mind, our Lobangs Smart Search will narrow the selection from 100+ credit cards down to 3 credit cards that are most suitable for a user. Users have to select the main expenses they intend to incur from a wide range of categories such as "Dining", "Groceries", "Petrol", "Travel", "Online Shopping", "Shopping" and even "Everyday Expenses". They will then indicate their preferred rewards from "Cashback" to "Air Miles" to "Sign Up Gifts or Credits" and "Reward Points" and our Lobangs Smart Search will automatically show them the recommendations based on their preferences.

Smart Search for the Best Deposits Interest Rates

Deposits interest rates are low and have remained low but there are no other places to store your money other than in banks and financial institutions. Our Lobangs Smart Search will assist users in choosing a deposit account that offers them the highest interest rate with their indicated amount of deposits. We compare interest rates across fixed deposit accounts, savings and current accounts from both banks and finance companies in Singapore to help you make your decision where to park your money. The 3 recommended deposit accounts by us to you is a result of analysing the deposit amount, type of of deposit account and your preferred tenure. This will assist users in getting the most bang for their bucks without placing their money in risky investment products.


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Eng kwang
Oct 2017
First Poster
Eng kwang says...

Good solution for those searching for suitable deposit or credit card.



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