Credit Cards Air Miles Redemption Rates


Credit Cards Air Miles Redemption Rates

Way to Earn Air Miles

As mentioned in Best credit card for miles, many credit cards that are promoted as Mileage credit cards are simply Rewards points credit cards that earn a higher rate for Reward points which can be converted to air miles. Redemption rates for such credit cards tend to be more or less the same at around 2.5 Reward points for 1 air mile or any other equivalent ratio depending on the Rewards points earn rate.

There are also the pure Mileage credit cards that earn Reward miles that can be converted to air miles at a rate of 1 Reward mile to 1 air mile. Such cards tend to be higher end and is mainly for cardholders that travel more and spend more as well.

Value of Air Miles and Conversion Fees

Air miles are frequently valued at around S$15 to S$22 per 1,000 air miles (as seen by those peddling their air miles on local forums) and redeeming Reward points for air miles is the best way to utilise those Reward points which are really not worth much if used to redeem for cash credit or vouchers. However, cardholders need to be aware of the conversion fees that needs to be paid to convert the Reward points into air miles. It makes sense for cardholders to accumulate a large number of Reward points before converting to air miles to minimise the amount of conversion fees to be paid. The table below summarises the conversion rates for Reward points to air miles as well as the conversion fees needed.

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Credit Cards Air Miles Redemption Rates

Credit Cards Conversion Rates Conversion Fees

ANZ Credit Cards

1,000 Reward Points to 2,000 Asia Miles
2,500 Reward Points to 5,000 Krisflyer Miles


ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card

2,000 Travel$ to 2,000 Asia Miles
5,000 Travel$ to 5,000 Krisflyer Miles


Maybank Credit Cards

5,000 TREATS Points to 2,000 Air Miles


Maybank World MasterCard

5,000 TREATS Points to 2,000 Air Miles


StanChart Credit Cards

2,500 Reward Points to 1,000 Air Miles


Amex Credit Cards

450 Membership Rewards points to 250 Miles $20

Amex SIA KrisFlyer Ascend Card

Amex SIA KrisFlyer Card

Amex SIA Solitaire PPS Card

Amex SIA PPS Club Platinum Card

Earn Krisflyer miles directly None

HSBC Credit Cards

5,000 Reward Points to 2,000 Air Miles $42.80

Citibank Credit Cards

5 Citi$ to 2 Air Miles (min. 500 Miles) $25

Citibank PremierMiles Card

Citibank PremierMiles Amex Card

1 CitiMile to 1 Air Miles (min. 500 Miles) $25

UOB Credit Cards

5,000 UNI$ to 10,000 Air Miles $25

DBS Credit Cards

5,000 DBS Points to 10,000 Air Miles $26.75

OCBC Credit Cards

25,000 OCBC$ to 10,000 Air Miles $25


10,000 Voyage Miles to 10,000 Air Miles $25


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