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Best Online Hotel Booking Website Comparison

Best Online Hotel Booking Travel Website Comparison for Cheapest Hotels
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Booking Hotels for Holidays

It is never easy to book a hotel for your holiday. There are many factors to consider and these usually include prices, locations, amenities, reviews from previous guests, etc. To make matters worse, just when you think you have selected the ideal hotel for your trip, you'll be faced with the chore of finding the cheapest price for the chosen hotel across the various travel websites.


How to Book your Chosen Hotel at the Cheapest

1) Use third party websites like Trip Adviser to compare prices for hotels across various travel websites. In additional to comparing prices, one can also compare by locations, type of rooms, amenities, etc.

2) Utilise discount codes (such as Expedia Discount Codes and Discount Codes) to lower the final price by as much as 20%. Agoda and do not have a discount code system in place but are users are able to get direct discounts or cashback sometimes for booking their hotels if booked using specfic credit cards (See Agoda Discounts and Discounts)

3) Take into consideration of the various loyalty program benefits that you might have with the various travel websites. Your existing rebates from prior bookings can be used to help lower the final price for your hotel booking. A short summary of the loyalty program benefits for the more popular travel website can be seen in the table below.

4) Consider booking from the hotel itself even if you are able to find lower prices at any of the third party travel websites. Most higher end hotel chains like Marriott or Hilton offer a price match guarantee if you are able to find a lower price for the dates you intend to stay with them. They also have their own loyalty program which reward members with benefits such as late-checkout, early check in and points for future redemption stays.


Travel Websites Loyalty Benefits Comparison

Travel Website Loyalty Program Perks


Hotel bookings by members will earn a AgodaCash. Members who book the most frequently with Agoda will earn AgodaCash on every booking. AgodaCash values will vary depending on your booking and will be issued about 7 days after you check out.

New members or users who have not made any bookings before might not earn any AgodaCash but will have a discount applied in the form of a coupon that is around 4% to 7% of the whole booking amount.

The highest amount of earn rate in AgodaCash for hotel bookings by members is unknown but Members who have booked with Agoda before are known to be able to earn up to 10% of the whole booking amount.

Note: Value in AgodaCash are valid for 24 months

Members can also earn air miles or link points under the PointsMAX programme if they link their airlines or Plus! loyalty programme to their Agoda account.

Redeem 1 free night stay after collecting 10 Welcome Rewards nights stay

Note: Welcome Rewards nights stay are valid for 12 months and will not expire as long as there is a qualifying booking in same period.

+Gold (For members who have spent S$10,000 on bookings or staying 15 hotel room nights)
- 26 Reward Points for every S$15 spend (equivalent to 1.24% rebate) to offset next booking
+Silver (For members who have spent $5,000 on bookings or staying 5 hotel room nights)
- 22 Reward Points for every S$15 spend (equivalent to 1.05% rebate) to offset next booking
+Blue (All other members)
- 20 Reward Points for every S$15 spend (equivalent to 0.95% rebate) to offset next booking

Note: Points are valid for 18 months and will not expire as long as there is a qualifying purchase or redemption in same period.

Genius Level 1 (2 stays within 2 years) 10% off select properties
Genius Level 2 (5 stays within 2 years) 15% off select properties

Free lifetime membership upon attaining the level.


Best Travel Website for Hotel Bookings

While we are pretty sure each travel website has their own inventory of hotels that are cheaper than the others, does seemed to be able to offer slightly lower prices than the other websites. However, it does not offer any discount codes and has a very basic loyalty program that only offer discounts at selected properties. It does have tie-ups with several banks to offer cash back for bookings and those interested can see Discounts. might not offer the lowest hotel prices but are able to offer cheaper prices for travel packages including airfares. We also noticed that through using Expedia Discount Codes, we can book the same hotel at a lower rate due to member discounts orand if you have booked a flight to the same destination.

Agoda seemed to have the best loyalty program with the highest rebate. The amount earned in Agoda AgodaCash can be redeemed for the next booking as long as the current booking has been consumed. Their loyalty program or coupon discount is also compatible with various promotions like Agoda credit card discounts or the Agoda's PointsMAX programme unlike However, their discounted prices may or may not be lower than other travel websites and users should compare the prices on each travel website to make sure they get the best lobang for their money.

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