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DBS Takashimaya Visa Card

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Last updated on 2022-12-26

DBS Takashimaya Visa Card Review


High voucher rebate with no min. spend


Vouchers to be redeemed in high $30 denominations

Low voucher rebate for spend outside Takashimaya

Similar but not as attractive as DBS Takashimaya American Express Card

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Credit Card Details DBS Takashimaya Card Annual Fees

Eligibility : $30,000 p.a.

Annual Card Fee : $180 plus GST (Waived for 2 years)

Supplementary Cards :$90 plus GST


Shopping Benefits DBS Takashimaya Card Shopping Benefits

Earn 5% voucher rebate (or 2 points for every $12 spend) by charging to this card at Takashimaya Department Store and earning 300 Takashimaya bonus points to redeem $90 Takashimaya Vouchers

Earn 1% voucher rebate (or 2 points for every $30 spend) at Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Become a Takashimaya VIP and enjoy an additional 10% discount at the store during selected sale events

Enjoy up to 5% discount when you shop up at Takashimaya Japan, Takashimaya Shanghai (China), Takashimaya Siam (Thailand) and Takashimaya Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

Earn 0.5% voucher rebate by charging $2,000 outside of Takashimaya Department Store per quarter for a $10 Takashimaya Voucher

Enjoy a free $4 top-up to your Cash Card with a minimum purchase of $400 at the Takashimaya Department Store


Petrol Stations Benefits DBS Takashimaya Card Petrol Stations Benefits

Up to 15.8% savings at Esso (14% onsite + Smiles Points worth up to 1.8% for 250 litres and above a month or 1.3% for below 250 litres)

Save 15% onsite on petrol at SPC


No minimum spend DBS Takashimaya Card Minimum Spend

No minimum spend required to enjoy card benefits


Click here to go to DBS website for more details

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DBS Takashimaya Visa Card Review

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