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OCBC Frank Credit Card

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Editor's Choice for Best Credit Card for Overseas Spending

Online Rebate 8% Attribute
Petrol SavingsUp to 30.3% Attribute
Min Spend $800 Image
TransportUp to 10% Image
Travel Rebate 8% Image
Everyday Rebate 8% Image
Shopping 2% Green MerchantsImage

Last updated on 2024-02-01

OCBC Frank Credit Card Review

Pros Pros

High savings at Sinopec

High cashback for mobile contactless and online spend

High cashback for overseas spend

High cashback for SimplyGo

Cons Cons

Low $25 combined cashback cap for mobile contactless and online spend

Most likely cashback of around 6% if you spend enough in foreign currency despite headline 10% cashback

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Credit Card Details OCBC Frank Card Annual Fees

Eligibility : $30,000 p.a.

Annual Card Fee : $80 plus GST (Waived for first 2 years)

Supplementary Cards : $40 plus GST (Waived for first 2 years)


Online Shopping Benefits OCBC Frank Card Online Shopping Benefits

8% rebates on online purchases (combined cap of $25 a month with online and mobile contactless spend)


Everyday Cashback OCBC Frank Card Everyday Cashback

8% cashback on in-store mobile contactless payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Fitbit Pay (combined cap of $25 a month with online and mobile contactless spend)


Transport Benefits OCBC Frank Card Transport Benefits

10% cashback (8% contactless + 2% Green Merchant) on buses and train via Visa payWave on SimplyGo and Electric vehicle charging (8% cashback subject to combined cap of $25 a month for online spend and mobile contactless spend and 2% cashback capped at $25 a month for Green Merchant)


Travel Benefits OCBC Frank Card Travel Benefits

8% cashback on foreign currency spend for both online and offline (capped at $25 a month)


Travel Benefits OCBC Frank Card Green Merchants Benefits

Extra 2% cashback on selected Green Merchants (capped at $25 a month)


Cashback and Conditions OCBC Frank Card Cash Rebates and Conditions

0.3% cashback on all other purchases (capped at $25 a month)

Cashback subject to minimum $800 total spend and capped at $25 for each category and $100 in total (online + mobile contactless, foreign currency spend, all other spend, green merchants)


Deposit Account Benefits OCBC Frank Card Deposit Account Benefits

Receive higher effective interest rate of up to 0.20% p.a. and other perks with your OCBC Frank Account and Frank Debit Card


Petrol Stations Benefits OCBC Frank Card Petrol Stations Benefits

23.3% savings at Caltex (16% on CaltexGO App + 6.72% cashback + 0.6% LinkPoints)

Up to 22.7% savings at Esso (14% onsite + 6.88% rebate + 1.8% Smiles Points)

30.3% savings at Sinopec (23% onsite + 6.16% rebate + 1.1% X Points)

21.8% savings at SPC (15% onsite + 6.8% rebate)


Click here to go to OCBC website for more details

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5.0/5.0 (1)
5.0/5.0 (1)

OCBC Frank Credit Card Review

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