Standard Chartered PruPrestige Visa Signature Credit Card

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Bills Rebate 0.6% for Insurance
Dining Rebate 2%
Signup Credit $100
Travel Rebate 4%
Min Spend $0
Review on Standard Chartered PruPrestige Visa Signature Credit Card

Insurance spend qualify for rewards or rebate

Decent rebate for overseas spend

Attractive signup for cashback offer


Min. spend of $600 for Caltex cashback

Only for prudential policyholders

Similar benefits to Standard Chartered Prudential Platinum Card but with higher min. income

Low rebate for dining and all spend

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Credit Card Details Credit Card Details

Eligibility : $30,000 p.a. (Only for Prudential policyholders with a min. annual premiums of $10,000)

Annual Card Fee : $192.60 (Waived for 2 years)

Supplementary Cards : 5 free-for-life supplementary cards


Cashback and Conditions Cashbacks and Conditions

Earn 0.6% insurance rebate on all spend excluding overseas and dining spend (or 1.5X Rewards Points)

Enrollment in 360° Rewards programme which helps you to offset your Prudential Insurance premium payments (Offset $12 in insurance premiums using first 3000 points and $1.20 in insurance premiums using 300 points subsequently)


Travel Benefits Travel Benefits

Earn 4% insurance rebate or 2.9 miles per $1 spend on overseas spend in foreign currencies (or 10X Rewards Points)


Dining Benefits Dining Benefits

Earn 2% insurance rebate or 1.45 miles per $1 spend on dining (or 5X Rewards Points)


Bills Benefits Bills Benefits

Earn 0.6% insurance rebate or 0.435 miles per $1 spend on insurance (or 1.5X Rewards Points)


Petrol Stations Benefits Petrol Stations Benefits

Enjoy 5.00% rebate at Caltex on the nett transacted amount with min. spend of $600 in a month

Enjoy 21.6% savings for Caltex Platinum 98 fuel with the rebate (16% on site + 4.20% rebate + 0.8% LinkPoints + 0.6% insurance rebate) (Until 31 Dec 2020)

Enjoy up to 19.8% savings for other Caltex fuel with the rebate (14% on site + 4.30% rebate + 0.9% LinkPoints + 0.6% insurance rebate) (Until 31 Dec 2020)


No minimum spend Minimum Spend

No minimum spend required to enjoy card benefits (Excluding Caltex privileges)


Promotions Promotions

Apply online via MyInfo and enjoy $100 Cashback upon approval (Until 30 Sep 2020)


Click here to go to Standard Chartered website for more details

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