UOB Savings or Uniplus Account

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Interest Rate Up to 1.60%
Min. Deposit $15,000
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Bonus interest rates only applicable on incremental deposit for a new month

Average 1.10% to 1.50% p.a. bonus interest rates on incremental deposit


  Bonus Interest
$15k to $50k 1.10% p.a.
>$50k to $100k 1.30% p.a.
>$100k to $1m 1.50% p.a.


Deposit Fresh Funds of at least $15,000 in a UOB Passbook Savings or Uniplus Account to enjoy interest rates of up to 1.60% p.a. (Includes prevailing interest rate of 0.10% assuming account balances above $350,000 and 0.05% assuming account balances below $350,000)

This promotion for UOB Passbook Savings and UOB Uniplus Accounts and ends on 29 Feb 2020.

Bonus Rates only apply to the Incremental Fresh Funds Balance (up to $1,000,000) in the Account during the Promotion Period from the date of deposit



Receive a limited edition 24K Gold-plated RISIS Abundance Treasure Rat Figurine with Crystal Ingot worth $395 when you make a Fresh Funds deposit of $168,000 which results in an Incremental Fresh Funds Balance of at least $168,000 when compared against your Dec 2019 Monthly Average Balance (Until 29 Feb 2020)


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