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OCBC 360 Account



Min. Deposit

Interest Rate
up to 3.45%

Review on OCBC 360 Account

Potentially high interest rate
High effective rate of 1.60% p.a. bonus interest for credit salary condition

Bonus interest rates subjected to credit salary, insure/invest, increase balance and credit card spend
Low effective rate of 0.45% p.a. bonus interest for credit card spend condition
Low effective rate of 0.45% p.a. bonus interest for increasing balance condirion
Low 0.05% p.a. base interest rate
Frequent changes in interest rates and conditions to disadvantage accountholders


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Minimum initial deposit of $1,000

Minimum average daily balance of $3,000 ($2 fall below fee is waived for first year)

Comes with Singapore's first Online Banking tool, Money In$ights to help manage your budget, track your savings and categorise your expenditure

Make interbank transfers instantly with FAST - an industry wide service which allows for instant fund transfers between banks

360 Account comes with a YES! Debit Card


Interest Computation

Deposits <$35k Deposits $35k to $70k
Base Interest 0.05% p.a. 0.05% p.a.
Credit Salary 1.20% p.a. 2.00% p.a.
Insure or Invest 0.60% p.a. 1.20% p.a.
Increase Balance 0.30% p.a. 0.60% p.a.
Credit Cards Spend 0.30% p.a. 0.60% p.a.
Total Effective (Max. $70k) 2.45% p.a. 3.45% p.a.

Earn base interest of 0.05% p.a. for your entire account balance

Earn up to 1.20% p.a. bonus interest for first $35,000 and 2.00% p.a. bonus interest for next $35,000 when you credit a minimum salary of $2,000 every month

Earn up to 0.60% p.a. bonus interest for first $35,000 and 1.20% p.a. bonus interest for next $35,000 when you insure with OCBC with endowment of at least $4,000 in annual premium or invest in investment products such as Unit Trust or Structured Deposits of at least $20,0000

Earn 0.30% p.a. bonus interest for first $35,000 and 0.60% p.a. bonus interest for next $35,000 when you increase account balance by at least $500 as compared to previous month

Earn 0.30% p.a. bonus interest for first $35,000 and 0.60% p.a. bonus interest for next $35,000 when you spend at least $500 on your OCBC Credit Cards every month

Earn 1.00% p.a. bonus interest for any incremental balance from previous month

The maximum effective interest is 3.45% p.a. + any extra bonus interest from monthly incremental balance after taking into account of the 2 tiers

You will get bonus interest on the first $70,000 of your account balance. On the months you do less, you will get less bonus interest

You will receive this bonus interest by the 7th business day (exclude Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday) of the following month

Depositors can also earn an extra 1.00% p.a. save bonus interest on the first $70,000 if your account balance is $200,000 and above (effectively meaning depositors earn up to 4.20% p.a. on first $70,000 but only 0.05% p.a. on anything above $70,000)



Open your first OCBC 360 Account and credit salary of at least $2,000 to get $50 Dairy Farm Group (Until 31 Mar 2020)


Click here to go to OCBC website for more details


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Alex Low
Mar 2017
Alex Low says...

these saving accounts requires u to spend on their own credit cards or sign up for their insurance products to earn the high interest rates. Does it actually make sense to try to earn 3% interest while u try to commit to the requirements set by the banks like purchasing their products or using their credit cards? It would be great if you can cover an article with some realistic scenarios examples for noobs like me

Money Lobang
Sep 2014
Top Poster
Most Likes
Money Lobang says...

Thank you for your suggestion. We will look into covering the bank accounts with realistic scenarios. In the meantime, our recommendation is that it might make sense to use these bank accounts if you find their credit cards useful (for cashback, miles, etc) and don't find it much of a hassle to credit your salary or pay bills with these bank accounts. However, their investment or insurance products might not be the best around and one will do well to consider all options in the market as well as his/her risk-taking profile before commiting to them.

jeremy lok
Sep 2014
First Poster
jeremy lok says...

Easy way to get high interest on a savings account. I receive about $130 interest a month on $50k deposit by doing the 3 requirements every month. Credit must be given to OCBC for coming up with this innovative savings acoount. Hopefully this bonus interest promotion will stay for good.



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