OCBC Cashflo Credit Card

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Petrol Savings Up to 20.8%
Everyday Rebate Up to 1%
Min Spend From $0
Review on OCBC Cashflo Credit Card

High savings at Sinopec


Low cash rebate with high min. spend to qualify for higher tier

Credit Card Details Credit Card Details

Eligibility : $30,000 p.a.

Annual Card Fee : $160.50 (Waived for 2 years)

Supplementary Cards : $80.25


Everyday Cashback Everyday Cashback

Enjoy 6-month interest-free installments and 1% cash rebate for $1,000 and above in your monthly bill

Enjoy 3-month interest-free installments and 0.5% cash rebate for below $1,000 in your monthly bill

Interest free installments and cash rebate subject to minimum spend of $100 in a month

Rebates are capped at $100 per month.


Petrol Stations Benefits Petrol Stations Benefits

15.8% savings at Caltex (14% onsite + 0.86% cash rebate + 0.9% LinkPoints)

Up to 17.3% savings at Esso (14% onsite + 0.86% cash rebate + up to 2.4% Smiles Points)

Up to 20.8% savings at Sinopec (20% onsite + 0.8% cash rebate)


Click here to go to OCBC website for more details about OCBC Cashflo Credit Card.

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