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Interview on Channel 8's 狮城有约 Hello Singapore Sep 2019

Interview on Channel 8's 狮城有约 Hello Singapore Sep 2019
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Last updated on 2020-01-26

Interview on 狮城有约 Hello Singapore

Money Lobang's representative 孙鼎盛 was invited as a guest to discuss about sliding global interest rates and how they affect Fixed Deposits and Singapore Savings Bonds on Channel 8's 狮城有约 Hello Singapore 十分访谈 Segment aired on 16 Sep 2019.

Singapore Savings Bonds vs Fixed Deposits

The main discussion is centered around how Singapore Savings Bonds compare against Singapore Fixed Deposits and how investors with a longer time horizon can consider endowment plans which offer the highest returns among the three but with the lowest flexibility. There were some facts and figures shown on how Singapore Savings Bonds has lost popularity among investors as its yields decreased this year and also a chart showing which are the banks offering higher Fixed Deposit Promotional Rates.

Sliding Global Interest Rates

Our representative also touch base on why interest rates are now on a downward trend and how it will affect the returns for Singapore Savings Bonds and fixed deposits. He urge depositors to take advantage of the higher fixed deposit promotional rates offered by foreign banks in the short term as they are due for a drop in rates similarly to what we have seen in local banks. The participants conclude the segment by saying there are many options for safe and stable returns in the market and one should consider the returns and time horizon for each option before making a decision on where to place his or her money.

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Interview on Channel 8's 狮城有约 Hello Singapore Sep 2019 Review

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