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DBS SORA Housing Loan

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3 yrs Ave. Rate 4.37%
Min. Loan $100,000

Last updated on 2023-05-08

DBS SORA Housing Loan Review




2 years lock-in period

Subject to fluctuations in 3m SORA rate

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Property Loan Details DBS Property Loan SORA Rates

  Interest Rate^
1st year 3m SORA + 0.65% p.a.
2nd year 3m SORA + 0.65% p.a
3rd year 3m SORA + 1.00% p.a
Thereafter 3m SORA + 1.00% p.a
3 years average 4.37% p.a.


^ Interest Rate based on latest 3 Month SORA and assuming it stays the same for first three years


Rates are pegged to SORA

Rates are reviewed every 3 months

Minimum loan amount of $100,000

2 years Lock-In period

New/re-financing owners are eligible


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DBS SORA Housing Loan Review

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